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Multi-Million Dollar Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies look to avoid paying claims. It is vital you call an experienced Florida trial attorney if you have sustained damage to your home, property or business.  We are available 24/7.  Call 813-258-4998.

Artificial Intelligence & the Legal Industry

AI is reshaping the legal profession.  Cutting-edge technology saves lawyers money and time and increases their accuracy and productivity, helping them win cases and improve client relationships. Our firm is developing myriad AI tools and services.

Bad Faith Behavior & Punitive Damages

An insurance company’s conduct may be so egregious, unlawful, and unethical that it is ordered to pay punitive damages as punishment for bad faith behavior. Successfully winning this type of lawsuit takes a law firm like ours with a track record of success.


The larger the loss, the more complex and more likely to draw efforts by the insurer to deny or undervalue the repairs necessary to return your residential, commercial, or industrial property to its original condition. If you are the owner of a multi-unit dwelling, a member of a homeowners’ association, a Community Association Manager (CAM), a Licensed Community Association Manager (LCAM), or a property manager, you need counsel with the resources and experience to resolve your insurance claim effectively. CLG retains subject matter experts in construction, engineering, geology, and others to deal with damage to windows, doors, roofs, and other structural components.

CLG’s Successful, Highly Skilled Team of Florida Trial Lawyers Has Collected Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for Clients.

Recent Results

Money Talks. The property damage and insurance dispute trial lawyers at Corless Law Group will fight hard to get you the highest compensation possible. We are proud to share our firm’s recent epic successes that are the result of vigorous advocacy, ability to manage major investigations, working with jury consultants, using enhanced technologies in the courtroom, unsurpassed storytelling skills, gritty determination, extensive preparation, good judgment, and expert cross-examination. This map of verdicts and settlements is by no means exhaustive.

For more details about recent results and success at trial, you need only ask.


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By developing an expertise in property damage and insurance cases, our esteemed and seasoned attorneys understand the subtle nuances of insurance matters and accident claims to a depth and degree that only comes through experience. Corless Law Group has years of experience practicing insurance law. We firmly believe this specialized skill set distinguishes us from other attorneys in Florida who do not possess the depth of trial experience and institutional knowledge.

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Our supportive property insurance lawyers understand the stress and turmoil that results from any type of property damage or injury. We deliver the assertive advocacy clients need so that they can safely and meaningfully rebuild their property and their life.

Corless Law Group is happy to provide free, comprehensive consultations to discuss your insurance dispute or property damage claim. We’ve assisted hundreds of Florida clients recover what they were entitled to under their insurance policy – now let us help you, too.

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