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2019 Hurricane Season: How Do I Handle My Hurricane Claim

Living in Florida comes with many benefits such as warm temperatures, access to beautiful beaches, and year-round outdoor activities. Yet Florida is also known for its destructive hurricane season that has the potential to wreck property and cause serious damage, which can have negative impacts long after the storm has passed.  Adding to a property...
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What’s the Damage? Why You Must Hire A Property Damage Insurance Attorney

Commercial. Residential.  Condominium. Community Management Associations.  Licensed Community Association Managers.  Many policyholders do their best to submit insurance claims after property damage, but they oftentimes run into trouble when dealing with their insurance company.  In fact, submitting claims and negotiating with your insurer can be extremely frustrating and confusing.  At Corless Barfield Trial Group, our...
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Importance of Teamwork in the Modern Law Firm

Teamwork makes the dream work. We have turned the indispensable idea of working with a team of experts, including seasoned investigators, support staff, paralegals, consultants, jury experts, and top-notch lawyers, into a reality at Corless Barfield Trial Group.  Most of the team at CBTG joined our crew more than a decade ago, each contributing to...
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Understanding Hurricane and Other Wind Insurance Claims

With only months to go until hurricane season, which starts June 1 and ends Nov. 30, it’s time to check preparation kits, plan evacuation routes, and familiarize yourself with your insurance policy.  Also, given the dynamic weather conditions in Florida, springtime hail storms damage property far more often than is reported. Litigating Storm Damage Claims:...
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Property Damage: What Florida Property Owners Should Know

Corless Barfield Trial Group has proudly and aggressively represented Community Management Associations, Licensed Community Association Managers (LCAMs), and individual property owners throughout Florida with matters related to property damage. Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients in the aftermath of property damage to ensure insurance companies are providing appropriate compensation to help them recover. Corless...
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When Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you are suffering from a personal injury after an accident that was not your fault, choosing the right lawyer can highly influence the outcome of your case.  It is very important to engage the services of a personal injury lawyer shortly after an accident. Additionally, if you suffered serious injuries it is critical to...
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