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aggressive driving facts

Aggressive Driving Facts

Aggressive driving facts

In order to properly understand the rules of the road, we need to be very clear about aggressive driving. This is actually an umbrella term that covers a variety of bad driving habits, like speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. Aggressive driving facts state that while these actions might not necessarily be the same as road rage, they should be treated as such, because your response to another driver may escalate into a situation where your health and safety are at risk.

Aggressive driving facts, according to AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety:

  1. 9 in 10 drivers believe aggressive drivers to be a “somewhat” or “very serious” threat to their personal safety
  2. Many drivers admit to behaviors such as honking or tailgating at least once in the past year
  3. Nearly 8 million drivers have gotten out of their car to confront another driver, or purposefully rammed another car
  4. Aggressive driving habits cause 56% of all fatal crashes

Aggressive driving vs. road rage

First and foremost, understand that road rage is a criminal act. According to findlaw.com, road rage by way of harassment, assault, and assault with a deadly weapon can land you in jail.

That being said, the most prominent difference between aggressive driving and road rage is that road rage directly threatens your health or safety. While many may consider rude gestures to be road rage, they’re not a physical threat; their main purpose is to get a rise out of you which, in turn, may create a dangerous situation.

Therefore, aggressive driving can cause road rage. In fact, even the smallest, seemingly innocent actions may directly cause an illegal altercation. These means that habits such as failing to use a turning signal, not leaving other drivers enough room when switching lanes, driving too slowly, driving too quickly, tailgating, and others may cause another driver to lose their temper. This means it’s important to always be following the rules of the road. You don’t want to be involved in an altercation, neither for your safety nor for your car insurance.

How aggressive driving can affect car insurance rates

Where your car insurance rates are concerned, it’s already well-known that any dangerous habits that cause a car accident will raise your rates – even if Florida is a no-fault state, your insurance company may very well choose to take into account that you were involved in an accident and consider you a riskier driver.

If you receive damage to your car (or even damage to your person, which may require an insurance claim nonetheless) and it’s discovered that you purposefully caused damage to your car or another driver’s car via road rage, it’s common for car insurance policies to not be required to cover the expense. While accidents happen, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are the safest driver you can be; you will likely be held financially accountable for any accidents or other kinds of damage you purposefully cause.

These aggressive driving facts should help you to be more aware of your actions on the road, as well as the actions of others. React to other drivers’ actions with an open mind; maybe the driver who is speeding and tailgating you in the left lane on the highway is rushing to the hospital. Maybe the driver who almost swerved into you just noticed a bee in their car. Maybe another driver who abruptly switched lanes and almost hit you is about to be sick.

While we are not suggesting that these laws are meant to be broken, it’s better for everyone involved when we approach the road and the great responsibility we have as drivers with a calm, open mind.

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