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It’s Time Florida Homeowners, Businesses Prepare for 2018 Hurricane Season

From June through November, Floridians are constantly monitoring the weather in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, and the dreaded cone of uncertainty that predicts where a storm is going to hit. It is our position that you should start preparing now for the 2018 hurricane season.  

Many business owners and homeowners realize that they haven’t adequately reviewed and updated their insurance coverage prior to storm damage. Being a Floridian requires strategic planning as well as regular reviews of risks and coverage. As many Floridians know, insurance companies habitually delay payment of claims, minimize the amount of the claims that they do pay, and unreasonably deny claims.

Estimated insurance losses from Hurricane Irma have reached $7.2 billion, as more than 877,000 claims have been filed since the September storm, according to information released on January 8, 2018 by the state Office of Insurance Regulation. More than 83 percent of the claims involve residential property due to Hurricane Irma, which made landfall September 10 in Monroe and Collier counties. Half the overall 877,843 claims have been closed with some payment while another 32 percent were closed without money changing hands.

If you find yourself in a hurricane insurance dispute or have questions regarding your rights in Florida about your homeowner’s insurance or commercial insurance policy, Corless Barfield Trial Group attorneys can help. When you live in a hurricane-prone area such as Florida, you want to prepare yourself from loss arising from hurricanes, and understand which types of hurricane-related claims (wind, water) are most common and whether your homeowners’ policy covers each.

Your insurance company is not your friend. In the aftermath of a destructive hurricane, people often depend on their insurance policies for the coverage and financial support they need to rebuild their homes and businesses. But the harsh truth is that insurance companies do not want to pay out claims – especially when a hurricane causes thousands of claims to come in at once. They will try and reduce their exposure. If you are getting the run around from your insurer for the losses that you suffered due to Hurricane Irma, we can review your policy and case.

Corless Barfield Trial Group legal team has extensive experience representing businesses and homeowners in complex, high-value insurance coverage disputes involving insurer bad faith, denied claims, underpayment of claims, and delayed payment of claims. Our legal team has a full understanding of the issues involved with coverage disputes and we know how to gather the evidence necessary to prove that a policyholder’s losses should be covered under the applicable insurance policy.

Our attorneys are well versed in property and asset valuation and can counsel you on the damage to your business, building, home, condominium unit or any other structure. We will share with you information about documenting damage with photos and/or video; how to make a written inventory of all damages; and the importance of keeping a written log or journal of all communications with your insurance company or adjuster. We will investigate your claims, gather evidence to support your position, and help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Whether you are getting ready to make your claim for damage, or have already reported your claim, Corless Barfield Trial Group could help you avoid surrendering insurance coverage rightfully yours, or accepting less than what you are owed for your losses.

Each hurricane or other natural disaster is unique. The beginning of the year is a great time for homeowners and business owners to identify and evaluate changes to their policy.  Please contact Corless Barfield Trial Group today if you have questions about hurricanes and insurance policies at 877-517-5595.