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Distracted Driving Accident Lawyers

In today’s busy world, people try to cram as much as they can into every minute of the day. As a result,...
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Post-Parkland, What’s Next for Solving School Shooting Problem

After yet another Florida mass shooting, many in the U.S. are wondering what sort of gun control and mental health measures might...
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Cannabis Laws in Florida: Where We Are Now and Where We Are Headed

As sweeping state reforms usher in a new era of cannabis decriminalization and legalization, attorney Ted Corless examines the burgeoning field of...
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Structural Damage Issues Caused by Sinkhole Activity

Insurers want to deny or limit your access to insurance coverage when a sinkhole is involved. We spend our time fighting insurance companies,...
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Handling Complex Auto Insurance Coverage Disputes

We understand how insurance policies work. There doesn’t have to be adverse relationships between the parties. But it can get complicated. We...
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Unauthorized Practice of Law: An Overview of the Legal Parameters

In the United States, the practice of law is conditioned upon admission to practice of law, and specifically admission to the bar of...
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Community Counts: Support Small Businesses

The importance of finding local, community partners cannot be understated. If something unusual occurs on one of your accounts, you want to...
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Ted Corless Gives Cannabis Lecture to Tampa Bay Paralegal Association

The “Green Rush” has hit Florida, creating novel and contradictory legal positions between the State’s constitutional protections and the Federal Government’s continued...
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