September 29, 2016

Corless Barfield Trial Group YouTube Channel

NATALIE TAYLOR: If you’ve been in an accident, and you need to hire an attorney to help you with an insurance claim, where do you start? Well, Ted Corless, senior attorney for the Corless Barfield Trial Group, is back with us to explain how his firm has a unique perspective on working on your case.


NATALIE TAYLOR: First, let’s talk a little bit about your background.


NATALIE TAYLOR: You really are a wonderfully qualified person, because you’ve been on both sides of the insurance world.

TED CORLESS: We’ve spent the first ten years of my practice representing large companies. In fact, I spent two years as a tobacco lawyer, representing one of the big tobacco companies. And then, have gone on, and worked for some of the largest law firms in America. But now we represent a lot of individuals in the Tampa Bay area.

NATALIE TAYLOR: And what’s interesting, though, about your services, is another resource that you offer, and that’s a YouTube channel. Now we hear YouTube channels when it comes to TV and broadcasting, but I’ve got to say, this is the first time that I’ve heard a law firm has a YouTube channel. Where’d you come up with the idea?

TED CORLESS: Well, the idea here is that, as lawyers, we find that most of the legal advertising that you see is not very informative. It’s just a bunch of people telling you how aggressive they’re going to be. Instead, what we’ve done is we’ve built a studio within our law firm—

NATALIE TAYLOR: Wait, you have a studio in your law firm?

TED CORLESS: Right. We do.

NATALIE TAYLOR: Well, if our studios ever broke down, we’re going to be giving you a call, Ted.

TED CORLESS: Give me a call, it’s not far from here.

NATALIE TAYLOR: [laughs] Anyways.

TED CORLESS: We just opened a new office, right on Linebaugh and Veterans’—


TED CORLESS: —to really serve the Westchase and Carrollwood areas, especially. But the idea is we’re introducing a resource where we’re videotaping people, answering some of their most important questions that people face, either with insurance claims, or personal matters. It’s an opportunity for people to go to a YouTube channel, and actually come away with information that they can benefit from.

We’re of a belief that people are tired of hiring lawyers off of build boards. They want more information.

NATALIE: So let me get this straight. If I run into a problem, where I think, maybe I should hire an attorney, I’m not really sure. I could just check out your YouTube channel, I’m going to be able to find the answer right there.

TED: That’s right. By the end of the first quarter of 2017, we think we’re going to have around 250 videos—


TED: —and they’re going to be answering some of the most common questions that we face now. We invite people in now for free consultations, or for phone conferences to deal with those issues. But we’re finding, so far, to deal with those issues that we’ve published have gotten a very positive response.

NATALIE: Well, we’ve discussed insurance law on a previous segment—

TED: Right.

NATALIE: So we’ll discuss insurance law a little bit here. So what are some of the other topics that you do offer that somebody could check out your YouTube channel to gain some knowledge or some insight?

TED: Sure. On the insurance side, we’re talking about anything from earth, wind or fire.

NATALIE: And not the band? [laughs]

TED: Or the band, right. That’s right. Or anything associated with trying to resolve a personal injury matter, where you’ve either been in an auto accident, or our lawyers are handling things associated with any kind of injury claim, as well.

NATALIE: So, I was going to say, we’re talking a lot about the YouTube channel, and providing that resource. What are some of the other things that you guys pride yourself in helping your clients?

TED: I think a lot of it is the fact that we have more of a boutique environment. If you think about a craft beer, the idea is that we don’t take every client that walks through the door, because that way, we identify a group of people that we think that can have the greatest impact for.

NATALIE: And, you know, we always want to help our viewers, and give them ways in which they can help themselves, and find themselves in a situation. So again, if you’re in a situation, whether it’s earth, wind, or fire, picking up the phone and maybe calling you might be a smart bet.

TED: Well, if it’s an insurance claim, you can know that insurance companies have lawyers working for them. So we get involved early. If it’s a personal injury matter, we are a firm that actually tries cases. We are a trial firm. In fact, or fastest growing area right now are other law firms coming to us, and asking us to try their cases for them.

NATALIE: Wow. Well, we really appreciate your time. And if you do want to find information on Corless Barfield, and how they can help you. Well, go to their website, or check out their brand-new YouTube channel that we were just talking about.